New aluminum alloys for flagpole and street light pole

Posted on 2014-03-19 | 416 views

Our long serving skilled workforce are experienced in achieving the highest engineering Aluminium 6063, that is good for aluminum flagpole and light pole.

Today we are going to talk about a new topic.

Most aluminum alloys are only good up to 200 degrees Celsius, which means they could not  be used in high-temperature conditions, like in engines. The scientists combined aluminum with lithium (which has a lower density than aluminum and makes the material more lightweight) and scandium—that helps strengthen aluminum. They also added ytterbium, which also acts as a strengthener but is much cheaper than scandium.

The core/shell-shell nano-particles make the material much stronger because they act as strong obstacles for line defects that can glide through the material, and their layered structure helps make the material much more resistant to high temperatures.

Online we offer you a great selection of high quality aluminum flag poles and street light pole.


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