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Choosing the material the street lighting poles is made from is a very important decision. street lighting poles are available in steel, fiberglass, wood and even iron. Although there are several options, many people chose aluminum. Aluminum is a strong metal that is easy to process. It has the distinctive metal appearance that many individuals are used to seeing when looking at a lighting pole. There are several reasons why aluminum lighting poles are the best choice.

Why are aluminum lighting poles the best choice?

One of the main reasons that aluminum is so popular for lighting poles is because of the durability of the metal. Aluminum poles will easily resist some of the highest winds possible as long as it is mounted correctly. It is also highly resistant to physical damage from the hardware or from contact with yard equipment. It is very difficult to gouge aluminum to the point where it becomes noticeable.

Aluminum lighting poles will not develop the type of red rust that is common on items made from iron. Aluminum will oxidize over time. This actually increases the durability of the pole. Aluminum oxide looks almost exactly like aluminum. It will form a protective coating on the surface that prevents further oxidation. Although the oxidized coating is slightly darker than the normal appearance of aluminum, it can easily be washed away.

Aluminum lighting poles are very easy to maintain. Wood flagpoles require constant care including new paint or a new finish each season. Aluminum remains largely unchanged from one season to the next. The only maintenance that some homeowners might want to perform is a cleaning with a special aluminum polish. The polish will remove the protective oxide layer. This will increase the natural metallic shine. The pole does not require any other type of maintenance during the year.

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