Flagpolesky.com website update notice

Posted on 2016-02-18 | 699 views

Today is a special day for Grace Industry, which is specializing in stainless steel flagpoles, aluminum lighting poles and aluminum flagpoles, we have finally updated the website.

On the basis of the previous version, we use Bootstrap responsive layout, which has become the world's most popular front-end development framework and open source projects. We are reconstruct the whole framework, and the "mobile device priority" to the concept of deep into the whole framework.

Flagpolesky.com website update notice News

We're stoked to share it with you and hear your feedback. We've got a lot of news to share with you, so let's jump right into it.

After three years of development, our products have won good reputation at home and abroad with good quality and timely service.

In future, we will provide competitive, high quality solutions to your specific requirements whether they be stainless steel flagpoles, aluminum lighting poles and aluminum flagpoles or any other requirements you may have, all supported by excellent service and reliability.


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