China aluminum flagpoles manufacturer and supplier

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How to find the aluminum flagpole manufacturers with good quality in China? Choose us, tapered aluminum flagpoles are our specialty.

We manufacture cone tapered aluminum flagpoles from 8m up to 20m which are available. Wall thicknesses vary from 3.0mm up to 5.0mm and all flagpoles come complete with fixed base plate, internal winch system, rotating finial, rotating truck and counterweight. Our flagpole shafts are manufactured in China using 6063 aluminum having a tensile strength not less that 30,000 psi and a yield point of 25,000 psi. Following the tapering and heat treating process, the flagpole shafts are polished to a deep luster finish creating an elegant sheen that, over time, will develop a natural patina. Other architectural finishes such as clear, bronze or black anodizing as well as a variety of powdercoat colors are readily available.

China aluminum flagpoles manufacturer and supplier News

Providing the good quality commercial flagpoles! Our aluminum flagpoles are pursued by a large quantity of customers, and have become the first choice for projects in party and government, enterprises, military units, schools, stadiums and residential areas. Many products introduced by us were the result of a specific need or idea from a customer and we felt that the industry could also benefit from the resulting product.

We look forward to helping you obtain the best value in aluminum flagpoles.


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