aluminum flagpoles and flag etiquette

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Take every opportunity to fly a flag. If you need a flag for your business, church, civic organization, school, or military base, then the flag you want is here in any size or material. We will also be able to outfit you with precisely what you need to display your aluminum flagpoles outdoors.

Our aluminum flagpoles: with superior quality, excellent performance and beautiful appearance, the products are pursued by a large quantity of customers, and have become the first choice for projects in party and government, enterprises, military units, schools, stadiums and residential areas. Also we provide competitive, high quality solutions to your specific requirements, all supported by excellent service and reliability.

aluminum flagpoles and flag etiquette News

What flag etiquette should we pay attention to?

Whether hanging from a flagpole or the side of your house, avoid flying flags outdoors during severe weather. And, if the flag should become dirty or damaged, clean and repair the flag immediately. Extra care can be taken by washing your flag in warm water in mild detergent and fully rinsing to avoid discoloration.

Storing your flag can be just as important as flying your flag. Be sure to store it in a dry dust-free location, far from chemicals.

These are just a few tips to proper flag etiquette. Happy flag flying.


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