Aluminum lighting poles are high residual value

Posted on 2013-12-16 | 351 views

When aluminum lighting poles are replaced (e.g. at the end of their useful life), they can be returned to Grace pole products. In recent years, the scrap value of clean aluminium has fluctuated between Euro 0,79/GBP 0,59 and Euro 1,70/GBP 1,27 per kilogram, which represents 7-15% of the purchase value, depending on the column weight and the current scrap price. The scrap value fluctuates and depends on such factors as the price of aluminium on the world market. Besides is the material 100% recyclable, whereby a lighting pole can be melted into a new lighting pole, the so called cradle-to-cradle principle!

Aluminum lighting poles are high residual value News

High Residual Value


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