Advantages of aluminum lighting poles

Posted on 2013-12-21 | 237 views

Grace aluminum lighting poles takes advantage of its permanence of non-rust, multiple ways of surface treatment, less material cost, succinctly smooth lines and other characteristics to make up zero shortcomings from traditional lighting pole. The traditional light pole is easy to rust, what is more, the design isn't diverse, the surface is quite rough, the mold cost is high, and the environment-protective is surely bad, etc.

We would like to show you the advantages about the aluminum light pole as follows:

1. Corrosion resistant.
2. Maintenance free.
3. Lighter weight for easy and cost efficient installation.
4. Various finishing.
5. Longer life than steel and fiberglass.
6. 100% recyclable, aluminium melting temperature is low to save energy and reduce emission.
7. Direct buried applications.
8. Less deflection than fiberglass poles.

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