Why you choose stainless steel flagpoles

Posted on 2013-11-24 | 262 views

Stainless steel flagpole is suited to places such as marinas and squares where there is severe exposure to wind and weather. Stainless steel flagpoles do not require frequent painting. Stainless steel flagpoles are durable and are recommended for sites with severe weather exposure.

When choosing a stainless steel flagpole it is extremely important to consider the atmospheric environment into which it is going. There are many assumptions regarding stainless steel and it's anti corrosive qualities particularly it's inability to stain. However this is not the case and the following factors have a great impact on the surface finish of your stainless steel flagpole:

- Marine atmospheres
- Industrial Pollutants
- Salt Mist and Spray from Roads
- Atmospheric Dirt


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